2009_The Collection 

2009.5.21 - 2009.6.25


The Collection Exhibition

The Collection’ exhibition will be held in Gallery Yeh from May 21st, 2009 to June 25th, 2009. This exhibition will include 12 artists renowned both domestically and internationally: Korean artists Ikjoong Kang, Hoon Kwak, Woong Kim, Wonsook Kim, Jonghak Kim, Mankee Yang, Il Chung, Insun Choi, and foreign artists Alex Katz, Candida Hofer, and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Based on eastern philosophy, Hoon Kwak portrays the theme of “energy”; Woong Kim, with architectural motive, shows us abstract arts characterized by thick lines; Wonsook Kim’s works are defined by energetic and free brush strokes reminding us of waterfalls; Jonghak Kim depicts the mount Sulak with vivid color and bold brush strokes; Mankee Yang covers the issues and problems associated with contemporary art world via various means and genre; Alex Kats’ “objectified” works are deliberately deprived of emotion; Jean-Michel Basquiat studies human, life, death, and race through graffiti with bold color palette.

As apparent in these unique characteristics of each artist, this “collection” exhibition will be a great opportunity for you to view the influential works of contemporary arts.

Kwak Hoon
Kim Woong
Kim Wonsook
Kim Chonghak
Lee Kangso
Kang Ikjoong
Kim Bomin
Yang Mankee
Chung Il
Choi Insun

Alex Katz
Candida Hofer
Jean-Michel Basquiat