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2010.10.28 - 2010.12.31



October28 - December 31, 2010

Exhibition Planning: Gallery YEH (+82-02 542 5543, 02 542 3624)
La Bottega
Gangnam gu, Dogok-dong 180-3
La Bottega 82-(0)2-3452-4200

2010. 10.28 - 12.31
9 AM - 6 PM 


Gallery YEH reinforces its role as culture supporter by curating in the concept gallery La Bottega, prospective indicator of world-class atelier residence. La Bottega, an artist-in residency based on a new philosophy and sensibility will become a communication hub for contemporary culture and art through its aesthetic imagination. For its first show titled Mediascape Gallery YEH brings together works presenting a direction for new art grafting cutting-edge electronic technology and new media devices.


Artists include Kim Da-young, Bae Sena, Yang Man-ki, Lee Hee-won, Zudo Yang, and Choi Jong-bum, using a variety of images conveying diverse messages. Installation artist Kim Da-young employs electric light bulbs from everyday life as her main material. Glass beads, familiar characters, fairytale leads like Pinocchio, and mystic cartoon worlds are placed in the bulbs. Although they are everyday utensils illuminating space, in her work they become places encapsulating childlike innocence. Viewers actually may have an experience to wander the world of childlike innocence while viewing her work.


Yang Man-ki has progressed from Western-style painting to two-dimensional and three-dimensional works using digital media, video, computer, sound, and animation. Yang says he could not work in large computer, video, and installation work without a fundamental aesthetic sense and ability in the beauty of form gained through painting. Once a rising star in the Korean art world, he now unfolds outstanding art as a firmly-seated mid-career artist. Bae Sena and Lee Hee-won work with anthroposophic, psychological change that comes at night, where visual scenes seem completely different from that of the day.


Zudo Yang’s works have been auctioned successfully at Christie’s at high price. He is a young artist with great potential who deconstructs fixed notions about photography through space in circles. His circles look like dappled glass beads or planets glittering in the dark universe. The artist attempts whimsical deviation, to see the world as he pleases, and lends visual pleasure through reconstitution of what he saw. Large work by media artist Choi Jong-bum reconstituting space and time through multi-media have created much attention and are loved by the public. His recent large video work called The Traces of Light, at Cheongryang-ri railway station, was well-received by many viewers.


In this Mediascape exhibition viewers can experience the diversity of contemporary art through works beyond truth and objectivity. Encounters of digital media art at La Bottega, becoming a cultural space where visitors can relish culture and art, is a meaningful forum presenting mature cultural sensibilities.


Exhibiting Artists

Dayoung Kim 

Sena Bae 

Mankee Yang

Heewon Lee 

Doyang Zu 

Jongbum Choi 

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