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2011_BIC Active

2011.9.15 - 2011.10.13



Sept ember13 - October 15, 2011



In September 2011, Gallery Yeh presents BIC Active, an exhibition featuring media art constantly changing with the evolution of digital technology. This exhibition begins from an extension of imagined invisible space. The show will lead viewers to experiences of a new kind of space called ‘derivative space’, in the same context with simulacra (non-existent existence) philosopher Jean Baudrillard who interpreted mass production, mass media, and inexistent space discussed. The show enables viewers to feel and experience visual artistic space beyond technical restrictions through a variety of expressions of spaces such as in-between space, continued space, and invisible space embodied in the digital environment.


Participating artists include Ryu Jae-ha, Choi Jong-bum, and Mioon (Choi Moon-sun and Kim Min-sun) who are all active in the media art genre of the Korean art scene. Kyungpook National University Professor Ryu Jae-ha is a media sculptor who uses LEDs. He made Media Cheomseongdae, a media sculpture displayed in the COEX lobby where the G20 Summit Meeting was held. He reprocesses tradition with a contemporary feel through diverse media enabling unrestricted expression. Blending traditional and modern, Eastern and Western images in his distinctive style, he has presented media works for many international occasions.


Media artist Choi Jong-bum’s work is found in diverse spaces where theater performances, operas, music concerts and fashion shows are held. Studying design at Kobe Design University in Japan, his name is more familiar to us as a video director for performance arts. He represents music visually, seeking arts communicable with the general public.


Husband and wife media artists group Miwoon has worked with motifs such as cities, mass, and urbanites, addressing society as its main theme. Subjective and objective views of the world are encapsulated in their work. The group artists show sympathy for others’ lives. Graduating from the Arts Academy of Düsseldorf in Germany, Kim Min-sun and Choi Moon-sun formed Mioon in 2001. Video installation artists group Mioon has participated in about 100 group and individual shows over the last eight years, and received more than 10 international art awards including the Düsseldorf Newville Art Award.


In the environment of our contemporary society we are exposed to many kinds of video media. We try to discover the video medium we want, choose, and can concentrate on. The environment governing humanity has changed. BIG Active deals with variations of narratives by two media artists and one media artist group who have made tireless efforts and conducted new experiments in the digital media art field. It is hoped through the show viewers may experience realistic simulacra at Gallery Yeh.

  • Ryu, Jae Ha

    Choi, Jongbum


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