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2011.5.12 - 2011.6.10


Kim Woong’s Painting – Surface Holding Memories 


By Park Young-taik, Art Critic & Kyonggi University Professor


The flamboyance of lacquerware inlaid with mother-of-pearl, shining in a dusky room, and a scene of mother-of-pearl exuding light in dark lacquer occurs. The texture and brightness of linoleum glistening with soybean oil, cracks blackened by fire, the surface and jangseok (metal ornaments fixed on wooden furniture to strengthen joints) of wooden furniture to expose the grain of wood, embroidered auspicious patterns on a pillow-end, and a scene of flowers and leaves in showy colors emerge. The decoration of auspicious signs and the pattern of ten longevity symbols are all products of fantasy rather than reality. Ancient people applied these to things in daily life, and decorated them with great effort. In addition, the geometric design and order of jogakbo (Korean patchwork), made of small colorful cloth pieces echo in Kim Woong’s painting. Bobbins, thimbles, agricultural implements, meal tables, and other tools are also seen in his work.


Kim Woong’s work shows the earth’s strata keeping all kinds of images within memories. Artifacts buried deep under the earth and the things of memories and consciousness overlap in faded colors, blotted forms, and texture. For the artist, the world is filled with objects existing in his daily life. We may call his gaze at such things ‘an abstract eye’. For him however, such daily objects appear overlapped with the things of his past memories. He discovers unique abstractness in the surface, color, and form of things, set in his memories, ripening and fermenting them through the methodology of rich abstract painting. The things, reminiscent of something traditional, change into something between abstraction and figuration. Kim attains attractive creation, based on Korean tradition and international contemporariness.


Kim’s painting appears complicated, profound, and thick. The depth of his work bears longing and reminiscences, and the sorrow of loss. These are not merely images or content on the surface. All he wants to say is on the surface. The surface, however, is skin encapsulating something profound. It is an ironic, contradictory skin summoning and unfolding depths, imagination, narrative, and traces of time, while an abyss. The surface is a weird space accumulating layers of memories and time, forming archeological layers of memories. The surface is thus in a situation a certain thickness, texture, and fragments are linked and overlapped. He opens the layer of another world, covering the entire rectangular canvas. After setting a visible zone in the space of nothingness and unknown delusion, he makes the territory as a field of clandestine, implicative, and seductive vision. His painting also very physically demonstrates the fundamentals of modeling another world through overlaps of color, brush stroke, and paint.


Kim executes alchemy with oil paint. He represents the surface like copper, bronze, tile, brick, or paper. He engenders the texture and feel he wants freely in oil paint. The inflated, uplifted surface like traces of collage lend subtle texture and expression to his work, naturally conjuring up a flower-wall of an ancient Korean palace and marks of wallpaper fragments. Some paintings recall tomb murals. In his painting the sun and moon, constellations and directions are represented in signs and symbols, and images like charms demonstrate faraway myths and historical origins. Signs, symbols, and myths are conceived to recall the memories of paradise lost.


For the artist, the act of painting is identical to an act of summoning and reviving forgotten, deleted reminiscences, memories, and lingering resonances of time, to make them something earnest for him. His canvas thus bears the breath and trace of time as if melted and weathered for many years. His painting reveals traces his body leaves while living in a certain space during a given time. The artist records and interprets his own childhood reminiscences, memories, and diverse ideas through painterly materials.


Kim keeps tradition in the form of memories. Although he left his mother-country long ago, he paradoxically saved more vivid memories before leaving. Time in his memories remains unchanged, and deposited, so that he keeps his past memories vividly. For the artist, tradition is the imagery in his memories that he can draws out and uses when needed. His childhood memories are triggered by linoleum, wrapping cloth, folk items, and cabinets inlaid with mother-of-pearl. His touching, perception, and memories of these objects are the source of his work. The process of abstraction in art is to extract a part from an object, and then look at it and think it over. It also means after drawing out a specific form, emotion, or element from the everyday world, an artist underscores and represents them succinctly.


Kim Woong captures extraordinary properties within daily subject matter, recalling the surface of an object kept in memory. Fragments in his work lend refraction and depth to his canvas. Contours stop making self-satisfactory borders, seeking some shape. His canvas splits and spreads into innumerable spaces but links to the entire structure solidly and organically. A surface of intricately, densely woven low-relief appears bewitched. Each piece is a unit bearing fragments of time and memory. While the present is perceived only by the senses, the past is recognized only by memory. The tradition he saves in the form of memories in his body is the source of his self, hidden in every corner of his work. The memory is something to resist the monotonous flow of time. As memory disobeys the order of time, it becomes a spring of human identity, transcending the void and transience of time. His work’s identity derives from this.

김 웅 Woong Kim

May 26 - June 23, 2011

Opening Reception _ Thursday, May 26, 2011  5:00pm


예화랑에서는 싱그러운 2011년 5월을 맞이하여, 미국 뉴욕화단에서 자랑스러운 한국의 대표작가로 세계무대 정상에서 활발하게 활동하고 계시는 김 웅 선생님의 개인전을 마련하였습니다. 김 웅(1944년생) 은 1969년 이후 뉴욕으로 건너가 스쿨 오브 비쥬얼 아트 미술대학 졸업, 뉴욕 (1976년) 예일대학교 미술대학원 졸업, 뉴 헤이븐, 코네티컷(1978년)에서 공부하고 스쿨 오브 비주얼 아트 (1979-1987) 미술 교수로 재직한바 있으며 철학적 사고를 겸비하신 지적 감수성이 풍부한 화가입니다. 2007년 예화랑 전시 이후 4년만에 다시 예화랑에서 갖는 이번 개인전은 그의 스물 일곱 번째 개인전 입니다. 

이번 예화랑 전시의 작품들은 총 40점으로 지금까지 보여 온 작품들과 극히 자연스럽게 연계되면서 기억 속에 온갖 이미지를 저장해 둔 지층을 연상케 합니다.  시간이 겹겹이 쌓인 그의 작품들 속에서 기억의 비밀을 하나씩 찾는 것은 관람객과의 소통을 하기 위한 작가의 의지이며 고국을 떠난지 오래된 그의 기억 속 시간은 불변하고 침전되어 더욱 생생히 과거의 순간을 간직하고 있습니다. 그가 그려낸 작품 속 추상이미지들은 이른바 보고 싶을 때 마다 때로는 필요할 때 마다 꺼내 쓸 수 있는 ‘기억 속의 심상’인 것입니다. 우리가 일상적으로 대하는 특정한 형태, 감정, 요소들을 추출하여 그것만을 강조하면서 표현하는 김 웅 작가의 탁월한 색채와 붓질은 유화물감을 매개로 연금술을 구사합니다. 때론 납이나 청동처럼 타일이나 벽돌담, 장판처럼 표면을 연출하고 있습니다. 

뉴욕의 하워드 스콧 (Howard Scott) 갤러리에서18년 동안(1988년-2006년) 전속작가로 계신바 있으며, 현재는 뉴욕의 유수의 화랑에서 러브콜을 받고 있는 상태입니다. 세계미술시장이 주목하는 미국 뉴욕에서 열린 크리스티 (Christie's) 경매 에서도 낙찰되어 큰 호응과 반향을 얻고 뉴욕화단뿐만 아니라 세계미술시장에서도 언제나 강한 인상과 관심을 끊임없이 받고 있습니다. 이는 김 웅 선생님만이 갖고 계신 작업에 대한 강한 집념과 열정이 낳은 당연한 결과라 말할 수 있습니다.

진정한 회화의 무게감있는 그림으로 가득 메워질 이번 전시의 소중한 체험을 함께 나누길 희망합니다.




Born in Chung Nam, Korea


1970      Moved to New York

1975      Yale Norfolk School

1976      School of Visual Arts, New York B.F.A.

1978      Yale University, School of Art, New Haven, Commecticut M.F.A.

1979-87   Instructor, School of Visual Arts, New York



2011      Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea        

2007      Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea        

2006      2×13 Gallery, New York

2005      Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

2004      Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea

-          Howard Scott Gallery, New York

2002      Gallery Ihn, Seoul, Korea

2000      M-13 Gallery, New York

1998      Gallery Ihn, Seoul, Korea

1997      Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

1996      Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

1995      M-13 Gallery, New York

-         Gallery Pusan, Pusan, Korea

1993      Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

1992      Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

1991      M-13 Gallery, New York

-         Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

-         Seoul Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1989      M-13 Gallery, New York

-           Gallery Pusan, Pusan, Korea

-           Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

1987      Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

1985      Park Ryu Sook, Seoul, Korea

-          Space Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

-           Hilton Art Gallery, Seoul, Korea

1983      Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

-           U.S.I.S Seoul Exhibition Hall, Seoul, Korea



2011      "To Be Myself", Gallery YEH, Seoul

2010     "Korean Art Show", Chelsea, New York

2009      "Into the Groove", Gallery YEH, Seoul (2009.12.18 - 1.9)

2008      "Between the Korean Cultural Services Paris and New York", Two Person Show, New York

2007      "Collector's Choice", Yeh Gallery, Seoul

2006     "The great Artist of modern art_Into the Aura", Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

2005      "Three Painters" Congenial encounters, Gallery Korea, New York

2003      "A sense of beauty of Korea", Gallery YEH, Seoul

-         "Dreams and Reality" Smithsinian International Gallery, Washington D.C.

1998      "Interior Landscapes" Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware

1997      Intimate Universe(Revisited) James Home

-          Fine Arts Gallery, Kean University, NewJersey

-          Robert Steele Gallery, New York

1996      "Two Men Show-Woong Kim & Sufan Oh", Park Ryu Sook, Seoul, Korea

1995      "A Romantic Impulse" O'Hara Gallery, New York

 -         "Repicturing Abstraction" 1708 Gallery, Richmond, Virginia

1993      "Hope and Dream" Tweed Gallery, New York

1991      "Work on Paper", M-13 Gallery, New York

-          Sonje Museum of Contemporary Art, Kyungju, Korea

1990      "New Yorks on Paper" Addison/Ripley Gallery, Washington D.C.

1987      "Four Men Show", M-13 Gallery, New York

1986      "Two Men Show-Jonghak Kim & Woong Kim" Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

1984      Fox & Fowle Architects P.C., New York

1983      "Les Gens, Les Espirits: Six Artists" Angouleme, France

-          "Two Man Show", P.S. 122, New York

1982      "Korean Artists in America", Korean Culture Center

1981      "Small Works Show", Washinton East Gallery, New York

1978      "Four Artists", Yale University Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut

1977      "Young Artists", Union Carbide Building, New York



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Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Virginia

The National Museum of Contemporary Arts, Seoul, Korea

Yale University Museum, New Haven, Connecticut

Intermetro Industries, Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Soghigan & Machuga, Washington D.C.

Loews, L'Enfant Plaza, Washington D.C.

Sung Gok Museum, Seoul, Korea

Kumho Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Seoul, Korea

Seoul City Museum, Seoul, Korea

Permanent Mission of the Republic of Korea to the United Nations, New York

김 웅 Woong Kim



1944 충남 출생

1970 도미

1975 예일 학교 졸업

1976 스쿨오브 비쥬얼 아트 미술대학 졸업, 뉴욕

1978 예일대학교 미술대학원 졸업, 뉴 헤이븐, 코네티컷

1979-1987 스쿨 오브 비주얼 아트, 교수 재직, 뉴욕



2011 예화랑, 서울

2007 예화랑, 서울

2006 2x13 갤러리, 뉴욕

2005 에디슨 리프리 갤러리, 미국

2004 성곡미술관, 서울

-    하워드 소콧 갤러리,

2002 갤러리 인, 서울

2000 M-13 갤러리, 뉴욕

1998 갤러리 인, 서울

1997 에디슨/리프리 갤러리, 워싱턴

1996 예화랑, 서울

1995 M-13 갤러리, 뉴욕

- 부산화랑, 부산

1993 예화랑, 서울

1992 에디슨 리프리 갤러리, 미국

1991 M-13갤러리, 뉴욕

1991 예화랑

1989 M-13 갤러리, 뉴욕

- 부산화랑, 부산

- 에디슨/리프리 갤러리, 워싱턴

1987 에디슨/리프리 갤러리, 워싱턴

1984 휘스엔드회월 건축 갤러리, 뉴욕

1983 에디슨 리프리 갤러리, 미국

- 미국공보관






2011 To My Self, 예화랑

2010  Korean Art Show , 뉴욕

2009  Into the Groove 2010 , 예화랑, 서울
2009.12.18 ~ 2010.1.9

2008 2인전 Between the Korean Cultural Services Paris and New York, 뉴욕

2007 ‘Collector's Choice’전, 예화랑

2006 예화랑 개관 28주년 특별기획전 ‘Into the Aura’전, 예화랑

2005 3인전, 기분좋은 마주침, 갤러리 코리아, New York

2003 예화랑 개관 25주년 특별기획전 ‘한국의 美感’전, 예화랑

- 꿈과 현실, 스미소니언 인터내셔널 갤러리, 워싱턴 D.C.

1998 실내풍경 델라웨어 아트 미술관, 델라웨어

1997 인티멧 유니버스 제임스 홈 갤러리

-    킨 대학, 뉴저지

-    로버트 스틸 갤러리, 뉴욕

1995 추상 재생 리치몬드 1708 갤러리, 미국 버지니아

-    로맨틱 임펄스 오하라 갤러리, 뉴욕

1993 희망과 꿈 트위드 갤러리, 뉴욕

1991 종이작품 11인전 엠써틴 갤러리, 뉴욕

-     한국 현대미술 초대전 선재 미술관, 경주

1987 한국 현대미술에 있어서의 흑과 백전 국립현대미술관

1986 김종학, 김웅 예화랑

-    재미 뉴욕 작가전 Hof 갤러리, 뉴욕

1983 사람들, 빛나는 정신들 앙굴렘 미술관, 프랑스

-     국회 개원 35주년 기념 미술 초대전

1982 82 한-중 현대 서화전 국립현대미술관

-    제1회 재미 작가전 뉴욕 한국문화원, 미국

1981 한국미술 81전 국립현대미술관

-    한국의 자연전 국립현대미술관

1979 한국 현대미술 1950년대의 서양화전 국립현대미술관

1978 4인전 예일대 갤러리, 미국

1977 영 아티스트 77 유니온카바이트 갤러리, 뉴욕

-    한국 현대미술대전 : 서양화 국립현대미술관

1973 한국 현역작가 100인전 국립현대미술관

1972 한국 근대미술 60년전 국립현대미술관

1969 제8회 국전 국립현대미술관

1968 제7회 국전 경복궁 미술관




로녹 미술관, 로녹, 버지니아

국립현대미술관, 서울

예일대학교 미술관, 뉴 헤이븐, 코네티컷

인터메트로 인더스트리 윌크스 베레, 펜실베니아

소하간 앤드 마슈가, 워싱턴 D.C

로우즈 랑팡 플라자, 워싱턴 D.C

성곡미술관, 서울

금호미술관, 서울

대한상공회의소, 서울

서울시립미술관, 서울

국제연합 대한민국 대표부, 뉴욕

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