​Sanghyun Lee

李相鉉 이상현 (b.1954)

The Eternal Return

  Lee’s art form might be considered excessive for it connects to what is outside of what can be known and is sensed through explorative forms of speculation and behavior.  Lee tries to promote the radical alterity in which the potential of the unknown is acknowledged as productive forces.  Through his hyper-cyber patchwork of images and stories, Lee, in his own way, revives and revisits this spiritual artistic tradition that constantly questions our histories, frustrations and desires

-Cristina Ricupero (Curator/Artis


   Lee Sanghyun's digitally montaged imagery is made in vivid, bright pop colours depicting fictitious and historical scenes, juxtaposing past and present, the West and the East, nature and industrialization, rational and irrational, mass culture and traditional landscapes, good and bad, male and female. Many histories and mythologies, including the artist's own, are intertwined but there is more than meets the eye for Lee likes to cross boundaries and go beyond traditional dichotonomies. Unsolved mystery, nostalgia, dream-like imagery, science fiction: Lee engages a variety of atmospheres to unhinge his pictures from their contemporary reality. Lee Sanghyun has been awarded many residencies and grants including the ISCP in New York and the International residency of Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea. His photography, video installations, films and performances have been exhibited extensively in Asia, the Middle East and Germany. Lee Sanghyun lives and works in Seoul, Korea.

- Amelia Johnson Contemporary

영원한 귀환

  이상현의 작업 양식은 사변이나 행태와 같은 탐구적 형식들을 통해 감지되고 알려질 수 있는 것들에서 벗어난 외부의 것들과 연결되어 있다는 점에서 과도하다고 간주될 수도 있다.  이상현은 미지의 것이 지니는 잠재력이 생산력으로 인정되는 한에서 근원적 타자를 진작시키기 위해 노력한다. 이미지와 이미지들의 하이퍼-사이버 패치워크를 통해, 이상현은 그만의 방식으로 우리의 역사, 죄절과 욕망에 끊임없이 물음을 제기하는 정신적인 예술전통을 재생시키고 아울러 새롭게 정의하고 있다.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        -크리스티나 리쿠페로

  이상현의 디지털 몽타주 형상화는 허구적인 것과 역사적인 장면들을 형형색색의 밝은 색채로 표현하며, 과거와 현재, 서양과 동양, 자연과 문명, 합리와 불합리, 대중 문화와 전통적인 풍경들, 좋음과 나쁨, 남성과 여성 같은 이항 대립적 개념들을 병치한다. 작가 개인의 것 또한 포함되는 수많은 역사와 신화들이 얽히고 설켜 있지만, 이상현의 작품은 단순히 보이는 것이 전부는 아니다. 그는 전통적 이분법의 범주를 넘는 작품 활동을 하고 있다. 풀리지 않은 수수께끼, 향수, 꿈같은 형상들과 공상 과학: 이상현은 다양한 분위기를 사용해 그의 작품을 당대 현실에서 벗어나게끔 한다.


  이상현은 뉴욕 ISCP 와 경기 현대미술박물관 등에서 전속과 보조금을 받은 경력이 있으며, 그의 사진전, 영상 설치 예술, 영화와 그 외 다른 공연들이 아시아, 중동, 그리고 독일 등에서 전시된 바 있다. 작가는 현재 서울에서 살며 작업을 한다.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                 - Amelia Johnson Contemporary


1990 HoschÜle der Kunst (Tajiri Class)in Berlin 
MeisterschÜler (bei Rebecca Horn)

2011     ‘The Story of an Ecstatic Voyage to Pubyok Pavilion’, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2010    PAST & PRESENT: AN AWKWARD REUNION, Amelia Johnson contemporary gallery in Hong Kong
2009    Joseon, Another Paradise, Dr. Park Gallery, Yangpyeong
             The Solo Project, Basel, Switzerland
             3000 Court Ladies, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul
2008    Empire and Joseon, The Museum of Photography, Seoul
             The mirror of Korea, Art & Research, Korea National Institute of Science & Technology, Seoul
2007    Nine Clouds Dream, Gallery Sun Contemporary, Seoul 
            Nine Clouds Dream, Stone Museum, Jeju Island, Korea
            The Great General Junghae Honey Honey, window, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul
2005    The Self Meditated Portrait of Korean Historical Epic, Chosun art Gallery, Seoul
2000    The History of Salt Dessert & Telematic Nomad, inaugural show of Insa Art Center, Seoul
1995    The Earth-Moon Rising, Galerie J&J Donguy, Paris

2011    KIAF2011 ‘Art Flash’, COEX, Seoul
             'The Downfall of Joseon Dynasty’, Korean Rapsody, Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul
             Seoul, City Exploration, Seoul Museaum of Art, Seoul
            Gallery Seoul 11, The Raum, Seoul
            Gallery Paris, Beijing
            Korean Art Show, New York
2010    4 video works were introduced at Seoul G20 business summit, an official G20 event, at Walker Hill  
            Hotel in Seoul, Korea 
2009    Magnetic Power, Asian Contemporary Media Art Project, Asian-Korea Center, Seoul
            Seoul International Photofestival
            Magic Moment Korean Express, Hanover Messe, Germany
2008    Mediations Biennale in old printing factory, Poznan, Poland
            60 years of Korean Photography history, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Gwacheon, 
            El Punto del Compás, Sala de Arte publico Siqeiros Mexico, Fundation Ludwig de Cuba
            Scope Basel, Basel, Switzerland  
            New acquisitions-collection reconstructed, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Korea
2007    Thermocline of Art-New Asian Waves, ZKM Karlsruhe, Germany
            Parody@Beijing Complex 798 Art Festival, Dimention Art Center, Beijing
            The Voyage of Forgotten Combatant, 40 years of Performance History in Korea, The National 
            Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul Korea
            The Painting of Hermit riding on the Cow, Gyeonggido Museum of Art, Korea
            Sh Contemporary 07, Shanghai international art fair, China 
2006    Wake up Andy Warhol, Ssamzie, Seoul
            Daegu 1st International Photo Biennale, Daegu, Korea        
            Seoul International Print, Photo Art Fair, Hangaram Museum, Seoul
            Seoul International Photo Festival, Seoul, Korea        
            Melbourne Art Fair, Australia
            Korea Fantasy-Image Theater, Coreana Art Museum, Seoul
2005    Kult Fablik White Box, Munchen, Germany
2004    Alice in my heart, Ssamzi Art Walfare, Seoul
            Self Secession, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
1996    Origin and Myth of Fire, The Museum of Modern Art , Saitama, Japan
             Korea International Art Fair, COEX, Seoul
             Contemplation, Joongang Biennale Special Exhibition, Hoam Art Museum, Seoul
             Arles Photo Festival, France
             Star Way, Laser Projection, Seoul
1994~ Museum of Hankook, Gallery Sae, Museum of Hanlim, Sunjae Art Museum, Gallery To, Gallery, Horst Dietrich Berlin, Obere Gallery Berlin, Montrouge France

2009    Symphony Nr. 9 Dream Wander in Peach blossom paradise, 7.02min
             One thousand hands, 3min
             M Butterfly, 3min
             Tears of fallen blossoms, 3min
             3000 dancing in Paradise, 3.30min
2008    25.3min
             Gabrielle d’Esteree’s Nirvana, 6.58min
             Venus of Joseon, 5.09min
2007    Sleep, 8hours
             Warhol and Me, 27min
             Orient Express, 4.07min
             The painting of Hermit riding on the Cow, 14.50min
             Nostalgia, 11.12min
2006    The Downfall of Joseon Dynasty, 114min
             Korea Fantasy, 10.37min
2002-2003 Happy Die (science fiction screen play)
2003    Dragon Warrior (screen play for Bruce Lee Project)
2001    Peach Blossom & Spring Dream (film noire screen play)
1998    Main actor Lies, Acted as a cameo or supporting actor in several films

2007   The Painting of Hermit riding on the Cow, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, Korea
            The Voyage forgotten Combatant, The National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
2006   Little Siddhartha, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
2000   The History of Sault desert and Telematic Nomad, Gana Art Gallery, Seoul
1988   The Encounter of Goddess of Andromedae. The Total Art Museum, Seoul
1987   Dream Summer-night Orient, Galerie HÖrst Dietrich, Berlin
             Murdered Fish, Obere Gallery Haus am Lutzof Platz, Berlin

2010    G20 Seoul Summit
             iscp, New York
2009    KBS TV, Korea
             Magnetic Power Asian Media Art Project, Asian Korean Center, Seoul
2008    “The Painting of Hermit riding on the cow” 
             Mediations Biennale Old Printing Factory, Poznan, Poland
             Korea National Institute of Science and Technology, Seoul
2007    “The Downfall of Joseon” ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
             Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
2006    The Museum of Photography, Seoul
            “Wahol and me” Ssamzi-gil, Seoul

2010    Art Dubai, Dubai
             Korean Art Show, New York
2009    Pulse, Miami
             21, Germany
             Kiaf 2009, Seoul
             Sippa, Seoul 
             Solo Project, Basel Switzerland
             Christies, London
             Art Dubai 2009, Dubai
2008    KIAF, Seoul
             Auction Byul, Seoul
             Art Singapore, Singapore
             Sippa, Seoul
             Scope Basel, Switzerland
2007    Sh Contemporary 07, Shanghai China
2006    Sippa, Seoul
2004    Melbourne Art Fair, Australia


ISCP, New York
Gana Jangheung residency, Korea
International residency, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea
U-Kyung  Art & Culture Foundation, Seoul
Hanmi  Foundation of  Art and Culture
The Korean Council of  Art and Culture 
Seoul Foundation of  Art and Culture
Gana residency, Seoul
Cite International des Arts, Paris
Waldenser Atelier, Berlin

2005 1st the Hanmi  Art  Photography Award, Seoul
1995 5th Kim, Sae-Jung Young Sculptor Prize, Seoul