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Nicholas Bodde

니콜라스 보데 (b.1962)


  Nicholas Bodde (born in 1962) constantly questions the colors, focusing on creating a construction through using different colors. He sees his creations as a mode of communication with the world. The colors chosen by this excellent German artist get actualized, and subsequently appeal to its viewers in voluptuous materiality. The colors exhibited in the paintings never separate themselves, and present themselves in a complete continuum of colorful tones. His works, which respond to lighting, both artificial and natural alike, grasp the attention of the beholders with the banquet of colors. Bodde has been introduced to the public in such famous and prestigious exhibits and art fairs such as Art Cologne, Art Fiac and Art Basel, establishing his name as a famous artist. He has earned critical acclaim in both art communities and art critics, as well as achieving financial success through selling his creations. Since contemporary art has maintained a close relationship with topics that are not easily accessible; philosophy and sociology, it had to surrender the artistic formality. This is perhaps why his works, with the easily accessible lucidity of colors, appear to be more aesthetic and relatable. At first glance his works seem like a mere juxtaposition of different colors dividing the aluminum plate; horizontally or vertically, using oil painting or acrylic painting. However, we soon come to realize that this is an interesting opportunity to ponder on how the obvious meanings of color and lines can transcend its cliché originality and get reborn in his paintings.

 색채 화가 니콜라스 보데(1962년생)는 색에 대해 끊임없이 물음을 던지며 색채를 통한 구조물을 만드는 데 관심을 기울인다. 그는 이렇게 탄생한 구조물을 세상과 소통하는 통로로 이용한다. 세계 화단의 눈길을 끌어 온 독일 작가에 의해 선택 되어진 색들은 현실화되고, 아울러 보는 이에게 매혹적인 물질성을 느끼게 한다. 회화에서 보여 지는 색채들은 화면과 결코 분리되지 않고 하나의 완전한 음색으로 엮어져 우리의 눈앞에 펼쳐진다. 빛에 반응하는 그의 작품들은 인공 혹은 자연의 빛에 노출돼 색들의 향연으로 우리들의 시선을 붙잡고 있다. 보데는 현재 세계적인 규모의 전시와 아트페어 Art Cologne, Art Fiac, Art Basel 등에 활발하게 작품이 소개되고 있는 유명작가이다. 또 세계화단과 비평계의 주목을 받고 있고 미술시장에서도 작품이 활발히 거래되고 있는 화가이기도 하다. 그 동안 현대미술이 쉽게 접근할 수 없는 철학, 머리 아픈 사회학적 소재들과 밀접해지면서 형식적인 측면이 도외시될 수밖에 없었기에, 우리는 그의 작품에서 나타난 색채의 명쾌함이 던져주는 단순한 미학에 더욱 더 매료될 수밖에 없는 것이다. 그의 작품은 알루미늄 판 위에 짙은 파랑, 밝은 초록색, 연한 노랑, 짙은 빨강 등의 유화, 아크릴 물감으로 좁거나 넓은 선과 면으로 분할해서 위에서 아래로, 또는 왼쪽에서 오른쪽으로 배열해 칠한 것이 전부이다. 그러나 우리는 색과 선이 갖고 있는 의미가 한 작가의 그림 안에서 어떻게 변주 되는지를 분석할 수 있는 흥미있는 기회를 얻게 될 것이다.


1962      born in New York, USA

1982-89  University for Fine Art, Bremen, Germany

1991      Scholarship by State Schleswig Holstein

1994      German Art Price, Volks-und Raiffeisen Bank

1997      1.Price, new building concept of East European Institute, Bremen

1999      Scholaship by Kestner Foundation, Hannover

-           Project Concrete Fries, Art Museum, Studio A, Otterndorf


live and work in Bermen and Berlin



2009      kunstverein zeven, königin christinen haus

-           club des arts, european council (main building), strasbourg (f) 

2008    galerie lahumiere, paris (f)

-           krammig & pepper contemporary, berlin

-           galerie linde hollinger (mit dieter balzer, jürgen paas und michael reiter) 

2007    gesellschaft für kunst & gestaltung, bonn

-           kunstverein speyer 

2006    architektur galerie berlin

-           artstudio 1, deinste – stade

-           galerie der stadt remscheid 

2005    galerie katrin rabus, bremen

-           galerie art academy, dresden 

2004    bremer botschaft, brüssel (b)

-           architektur galerie, berlin - galerie wosimsky, giessen

2004      Architecture Gallery, Berlin

2003      Gallery YEH, Seoul, Korea

-           Bremen Embassy, Bruxelles(BEL)

-           Marz Gallery, Mannheim

-           Gallery Lahumiere, Paris

2002      Gallery Paul, Bremerhafen

-           Marz Gallery, Mannheim

-           Gallery Luzan, Bremen

2001      Art space, Drochtersen-Hull

2000      Germen Art Center, New York City, USA

1999      Bremen Sparkassenhalle

1998      Dialogue Art 6, Gallery of old city hall, Worpswede

1996      Kunstverein Achim(Art Institute)

1994      Studio Alexander street, Bremen



Since 2000 participated in Art Fair in Koeln, Paris, Franfurt, Basel

2007    tryptique, manifestation d art ´contemporain, angers (f) 

2006    musee tavet-delacour, pontoise (f) 

2005    au tour du blanc, mardi museum, dallas, texas (usa) 

2004    leepa-rattner museum, tarpon springs, florida (usa) 

2002    farbe & aluminium, kunstverein grevenbroich

2001      Kestner Foundation, Hannover

2000      un parcours, Lahumiere Collection, City Gallery, Bremen

-           Nortwest Art, Art Hall Wilhelmshaven

-           Forderpreis f. Constructive Art Bremen 2000

1999      CHRONOLOGIC, The Planet Art Gallery, Kapstadt, SA

-           Jubilarte 25 Jahre BBK(Artist Union) Bremen, City Gallery, Bremen

-           Group Concrete, Museum Abtei Liesborn

-           Group Concrete, Gallery in historical City Hall, Andernach

1998      TOPOI Art Project Schwachhausen, Focke Museum, Bremen

-           Untitled, City Gallery, Bremen

1997      Actual Art from Bremen, Academy Gallery Sztuk, Poland

1997      FARBE RAUM BEWEGUNG, City gallery in Buntentor, Bremen

1994      Germen Art Price, Volks-und Raiffeisen Bank, Art House, Munchen

1991      Light House, Artist Symposium, Bremen

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