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Dec. 2005 World first memorial exhibition of a world master ‘Arman’ born in Nice, France 
May 2005 The 4th 2005 Korea International Art Fair in Seoul


Nov. 2004 The 22nd Gallery Art Festival in Seoul Arts Center, Seoul (Wung Kim and 7 others) 
Jun. 2004 The 3rd 2004 Korea International Art Fair in Seoul 
Apr. 2004 China International Gallery Exposition 2004 in Beijing


Oct.  2003 Nicholas Bodde 

Jun. 2003 The 2nd 2003 Korea International Art Fair in Seoul 
May 2003 Jong Hak Kim Solo Exhibition - ‘The Scene of Mt. Seolaksan’ 
Mar. 2003 ‘Gallery Yeh 25th Anniversary/engean Contemporary Art’ Exhibition (Gallery Yeh 25th Anniversary Special Project)


Oct. 2002 Gallery Art Festival (Korean Masters - Ok Yeon Gwon and 11 others) 
Sept. 2002 Space+Sculpture Exhibition (Nam June Paik and 14 others) 
Sept. 2002 The 1st 2002 Korea International Art Fair in Busan 
Jun. 2002 Daegu Art Expo 2002 in Daegu 
May 2002 Cheong Un Lee Solo Exhibition


Dec. 2001 Seung Taek Jang Solo Exhibition 
Nov. 2001 Hun Seong Park Solo Exhibition 
May 2001 Il Jeong Solo Exhibition 
Jul. 2001 ‘Special Collection' 
Apr. 2001 Jeong Hee Hong Solo Exhibition


Dec. 2000 Cologne Art Fair Homecoming Trio Exhibition (Won Suk Kim, Il Jeong, and Seon Ho Choi) 
Nov. 2000 Participated in Cologne Art Fair in Germany 
Oct. 2000 Seon Ho Choi Solo Exhibition 
Jun. 2000 In Seon Choi Solo Exhibition 
May 2000 Won Suk Kim Solo Exhibition 
Mar. 2000 Korean Artistic Sense Exhibition 
Jan. 2000 Selected in the KEMCO formative symbol contest


Dec. 1999 ‘Winter Story of Gallery Yeh’ special exhibition 
Nov. 1999 Bun Ja Choi Solo Exhibition 
Nov. 1999 Participated in NICAF in Tokyo, Japan 
Oct. 1999 In Hyeon Lee & Seung Taek Jang Duo Exhibition - 3D Paintings Exhibition 
Jul. 1999 ‘Gallery Yeh Special Collection’ exhibition 
May 1999 Yeon Gyu Kim Solo Exhibition 
May 1999 Man Gi Yang Solo Exhibition (Young Festival) 
Apr. 1999 Hun Gwak, Wung Kim and Jong Hak Kim Trio Exhibition 
Apr. 1999 ‘Sandowich’ Exhibition 
Sandowich, an exhibition in form of a party, is a word written in Chinese characters in Korean pronunciation of sandwich. It means free overflowing condition without limit on standard. Sandowich(sandwich) exhibition in form of performance offers extension of an opportunity that open culture is accepted to the limited space of a gallery.


Apr. 1998 ‘Gallery Yeh 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition’


Dec. 1997 Year End Exhibition-Print Special Exhibition 
Oct. 1997 Il Jeong Exhibition 
Jun. 1997 Exhibition of Arman - a French great master of contemporary art and a world artist 
May 1997 Sae Yeol Oh Solo Exhibition 
Mar. 1997 Won Suk Kim Solo Exhibition


Dec. 1996 Participated in SIAF(Seoul International Art Fair) in COEX, Seoul 
Nov. 1996 Wung Kim Exhibition 
Oct. 1996 Participated in FIAC (International Contemporary Art Fair). 
Sept. 1996 Jong Hak Kim Exhibition
Aug. 1996 Sculpture Exhibition of Seung Don Yu, a sculptor staying in Italy 
Jun. 1996 Lynn Chadwick Exhibition _ Since she appeared as a leader of young artist groups who emphasized linear composition against the Henry Moore’s monumental style, she was awarded the grand prize in the Venice Biennale sculpture division in 1956 as a world sculptor. 
Apr. 1996 Retrospective Exhibition of Ji Ho Oh (40 pieces of memorial works) 
Mar. 1996 Chang Bae Hwang Exhibition


Nov. 1995 Shin Moon Memorial Works Exhibition 
Sept. 1995 Gi Bong Lee Solo Exhibition 
Jun. 1995 Sanpaolo Biennale Homecoming Exhibition (Yeong Won Kim, Hyeon Jung Shin, Deok Hyeon Jo) 
May 1995 Yeong Seong Hwang Exhibition 
Apr. 1995 Gwang Seop Oh Beeswax Casting Exhibition


Sept. 1994 Yeong Jao Jo Sculpture Exhibition 
May 1994 Jun Lee Exhibition 
Apr. 1994 Il Jeong Exhibition
Mar. 1994 Exhibition of artists recommended by Gallery Yeh (14 artists including Wung Kim, Yeong Cheol Kim, Byeong Jong Kim, and Cheong Un Lee)


Nov. 1993 Wung Kim Exhibition
Sept. 1993 Heung Mo Kim Exhibition 
Jun. 1993 Sculpture Exhibition of Italy sculptor Rinaldo Bigi 
Apr. 1993 Gallery Yeh 15th Anniversary Exhibition (34 artists including Ji Ho Oh)


Dec. 1992 Jong Hak Kim Invitation Exhibition 
Sept. 1992 Naive artist Branko Bahunek (from old Jugoslovakia) 
May 1992 Sculpture exhibition of Italy sculptor Rinaldo Bigi 
Apr. 1992 Byeong Jong Kim Exhibition 
Feb. 1992 Participated in ARCO in Madrid, Spain


1991 Yeong Ja Jo Exhibition
Oct. 1991 Jeong Hyae Bae Exhibition 
Sept. 1991 Yeong Cheol Kim Exhibition 
Jun. 1991 Sae Yeol Oh Exhibition
Mar. 1991 Wung Kim Exhibition


Dec. 1990 Won Suk Kim Exhibition 
Nov. 1990 Jeom Seon Kim Exhibition
Oct. 1990Yeong Ja Jo Sculpture Exhibition 
May 1990 Held a sculpture exhibition of Rinaldo Bigi, a representative sculptor of Italy and a world artist. 
Mar. 1990 ‘Gwang Seop Oh Beesewax Casting’ Exhibition


1989 Won Suk Kim 
1989 Shin Moon 
Dec. 1989 Cheong Un Lee Exhibition 
Nov. 1989 Gwang Jung Invitation Exhibition 
Sept. 1989 ‘Gallery Yeh Movement Commemoration’ exhibition (21 artists including Gwan Nam)


Apr. 1998. ‘Gallery Yeh 20th Anniversary Special Exhibition’


Nov. 1987 Jeong Hee Hong Western Painting Exhibition 
Nov. 1987 Invitation exhibition of Gwan Nam, a leader of Korean Western painting circles and Korean art circles 
Oct. 1987 Sculpture exhibition of Dutch top sculptor Mark Brusse who displayed works in ’88 Seoul Olympic Games Sculpture Exhibition and Sculpture Park 
Jul. 1987 Exhibition of Western Painter Hyeong Geun Kim 
Jun. 1987 Exhibition of Jeong Hyae Bae Western Paintings 
1987 Yong In Park Exhibition
May 1987 'Man and Shape' Sculpture Exhibition (6 artists including Gwang Jin Kim and Yeong Won Kim) 
Mar. 1987 ‘New vivid generation’ exhibition (10 Oriental painters including Cheol Ryang Lee and Geun Jung Kim)


1986 Yeong Ja Jo Exhibition
1986 Chang Don Park Exhibition
1986 Cheong Un Lee Exhibition
1986 Visual Exhibition of 4 Artists toward Nature 
Dec. 1986 Byeong Uk Park Sculpture Exhibition 
Oct. 1986 Yeong Hak Lee Sculpture Exhibition 
Sept. 1986 Jong Hak Kim & Wung Kim Duo Exhibition 
Mar. 1986 Sculpture Shin Moon Exhibition 
Sept. 1986 ’86 Great Sculpture Exhibition(Korea-Japan Joint Sculpture Exhibition)’ sponsored by Seoul Metropolitan Government and hosted by Gallery Yeh as a cultural project in commemoration of '86 Asian Games


Nov. 1985 Hyeon Do Jeong Sculpture Exhibition 
Oct. 1985 Sang Gu Kim Print Exhibition 
Sept. 1985 Yong In Park Western Painting Exhibition 
May 1985 Western Painter Tae Kim Exhibition 
Apr. 1985. 4 ‘Vivid new generation’ exhibition (Western painters - Jong Hak Kim, Yong Seon Seo, Jeong Chan Seo, Seok Du Lee, Cheol Sun Im) 
Mar. 1985 ‘Western Painting of Today’ exhibition (15 artists including Gwan Nam, Yeong Guk Yu, and Chang Don Park)


1984 Gyu Nam Han & Bun Ja Jo Duo Exhibition 
Oct. 1984 Yang Uk Jin Western Painting Exhibition 
Oct. 1984 Korean artist Gi Sun Lee staying in Czech, Yaroslav Bejcek Exhibition(Tapestry, sculpture) She met her husband Yaroslav Bejcek, concluded exhibition agreement and held an exhibition in Gallery Yeh under the sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture and Public Information. It formed the first opportunity of cultural exchange between South Korea and an East European country. 
Jun. 1984 Tae Seong Kim, the former director of the gallery held an exhibition of 8 contemporary printmakers(including Sang Gu Kim and Beon Su Song) with Mrs. Gi Sun Lee staying in Czechoslovakia in London, the UK. 
Exhibition of Sculptor Yeong Hak Lee staying in Italy 
Apr. 1984 Exhibition of Artist Cheon Ryong Oh staying in French 
Mar. 1984 Jong Myeong Hong Western Painting Exhibition


1983 Chang Don Park Exhibition
1983 Today Painting Exhibition 
Sept. 1983 Beon Su Song Woodprint Exhibition 
May 1982 Gallery Yeh 5th Anniversary 
Apr. 1983 Exhibition of Won Suk Kim staying in the US 
Apr. 1983 Gallery Yeh 5th Anniversary Exhibition


Oct. 1982 Triple Exhibition of Ji Ho Oh, Gi Chang Kim, and Jong Ha Byeon 
1982 Modern Western Painting Exhibition 
1982 Properties Exhibition of 12 Western Painters


Jun. 1981 Yeong Seong Hwang Western Painting Exhibition 
May 1981 7 Western Painters Exhibition (Ji Ho Oh, Byeong Deok Jo, Jik Sun Im, Jong Myeong Hong, Jong Ha Byeon, Chang Don Park, Hyeong Geun Kim)


Feb. 1980 Chang Don Park Exhibition 
Feb. 1980 Modern Luxury Pictures and Writings (18 artists including Seok Jin Jo, Jung Sik An, Jin Hee Gang, and Sae Chang Oh) 
1980 Contemporary Western Painting Exhibition


Nov. 1979 Exhibition of 20 Oriental and Western Painters(Eun Ho Kim, Sang Beom Lee, Ji HoOh, and Gwan Nam) 
Feb. 1979 Byeong Hwa Jo’s Poems and Paints Exhibition 
Oct. 1979 Gallery Yeh 1st Anniversary, 5 Western Painters Invitation Exhibition(Ji Ho Oh, Ok Yeon Gwon, Yeong Guk Yu, Jung Sik Yun, Hyeok Rim Jeon)


Oct. 1978 Exhibition of Treasured Western Paintings(18 artists including Hwan Gi Kim, Gwan Nam, and Ok Yeon Gwon)
Apr. 1978 Opened Gallery Yeh in Insa-dong, Jongro-gu. ‘Exhibition of Treasured Western Paintings in memory of opening of Gallery Yeh

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